Jewellery Shop

A flexible workshop and gallery space in Temple Bar, Dublin

The client, an award-winning contemporary jeweller, required a suitable layout for her new premises to serve both as a showcase for her work and a workshop for jewellery making. Our design takes advantage of the generous height of the space, natural lighting and the existing concrete floor, which was ground smooth and polished. The layout is carefully arranged so that its dual nature as a workshop and shop is obvious from outside.

The counter units are moveable so that the space can be enlarged for temporary exhibitions of new work. The project was completed in September 2008 in time for the Temple Bar Design Mart, a local event promoting local artists and craftspeople.

Project Type Workplace Renovation
Location Temple Bar, Dublin
Status Completed 2008


37 North Great George’s Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland, D01 A3F8

Call +353 (0)1 872 7904