RobertBourkeArchitectsDublin, Covid Mobility Programme, Aerial View
RobertBourkeArchitectsDublin, Covid Mobility Programme, Division of street space

Covid Mobility Programme

Public Realm improvements in Phibsborough, Dublin 7

RBA, in collaboration with landscape architect Julia Vavilova and Phizzfest, have made a submission on behalf of local businesses, residents’ associations and politicians in Phibsborough as part of Dublin City Council’s Covid Mobilty Programme.

On behalf of these local stakeholders, we have requested some low cost but high impact improvements at Doyle’s Corner to greatly improve cycle and pedestrian safety. We also propose the installation of ‘parklets’ in three locations to provide a more attractive environment for pedestrians in the village centre, which is currently dominated by vehicular traffic.

Despite increased awareness and uptake of walking, cycling and public transport during Covid-19, Phibsborough retains its vehicle dominant character, which undermines an adequate sense of road safety. It is important to create an attractive and safe streetscape environment that will promote and sustain a rich and vibrant village where people living and working in Phibsborough can safely walk, cycle and access public transport.

At Doyle’s Corner junction, our proposal is for the road markings to be redrawn within the width of the existing kerbs. Currently, all of the lanes exiting Doyle’s corner junction are single vehicle lanes, which are much wider than the 3m minimum required. Cycle lanes can be installed on both sides of the road without reducing the number of vehicle lanes, simply by making these lanes narrower.

Although measures under the Covid Mobility Programme are intended to be temporary, we see this as a unique opportunity to implement what may become more long lasting, life enhancing measures in this urban village centre.

Download our submission here.


Project Type Public realm improvements
Location Phibsborough, Dublin 7
Status Covid Mobility Plan Submission
Collaborator Phizzfest
Images Julia Vavilova


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