Commemorative Bridge Competition


Island Bridge, County Dublin



The Comissioners of Public Works invited Architect-led design teams to propose a bridge design that would act as the principal entry point for the War Memorial Gardens.
Sir Edwin Lutyens’ vision was for a linear series of classically-inspired architectural elements that lead the visitor from the Phoenix Park to the Gardens.
In keeping with this idea, we proposed an experiential sequence which unfolds between the Gateway, Plaza and Bridge.

1. The GATEWAY is a marker, aperture and threshold.
2. The PLAZA provides spaces for pause, movement, interaction and quiet reflection. It also mediates with and connects to the surrounding Salmon Pool, proposed north bank walking route. A concrete abutment grows from the bedrock of the Plaza and offers support for a slender, elliptically-arched steel bridge.
3. The BRIDGE is an extension of the quiet dignity of the Gardens. The Plaza is grounded in the present. The merging of the two achieves a continuity between the past and present, reflecting of the original intention for Memorial Gardens.